About us

Iro Iro Art is a spanish fashion and decoration firm, which reason of being is cultural exchange.

Long trips around the asian continent inspired its birth in 2003 when we, the founders,  Rocío Rey & Iván Aguilar, started off this new project of life to try and approach South east Asia’s people, beauty and culture. Iro Iro commenced its way with handcrafted jewelry collections and gradually incorporated the garment and decoration lines to its catalogue. It was in 2014 when we evolved, without forgetting our cultural purpose. Right in front of the walls of the Cathedral of Toledo, visited every year by thousands of travelers from all over the world, a round trip started where, not only Asia was brought to Spain. We designed a new line inspired in master pieces of the european art, with new and original items of fashion and accessorizes.

Ever since, Iro Iro is Iro Iro Art