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Rocío Rey and Iván Aguilar made a project of their lives and their lives became the project. 
Two people who could see the beauty of culture worldwide, a hidden beauty ready to be discover. Their eyes, always wide open and admiring, have modeled their brand to confer it a solid, coherent and emotional content. Every single piece they produce is carefully selected, indulgencely produced and exhibited with pulchritude.

Everything is carefully developed and produced with the highest standards, wich have made IROIRO art the reliable company it is nowadays. 


IRO IRO Toledo


IROIRO art has a very special meaning and we are proud of our name. IRO IRO means various in Japanese, and is commonly used to express “a little bit of this and a little bit of that” we are the addition of various, a little bit of Asia, a little bit of Toledo but there was something missing, we added art, in order to create a two ways road that goes beyond our products to build a cultural exchange.

Bodhi tree

Travelers soul

Árbol del bohdi - Quiénes somos | Iro Iro art

Once upon the time, there was a tree called Bodhi, or awakening tree, underneath the wich Siddharta Gautama reached illumination after meditating 49 days.

Long stays in Asia inspired the birth of IROIRO art in 2004 when founders Rocío Rey and Iván Aguilar started this project of life that brings all the beauty of Southeast Asia.

LEAVES of the Bodhi tree

The way of life

Árbol del bohdi - Quiénes somos | Iro Iro art

Once upon the time there was a leaf, the leaf of the Bodhi tree, which shape and texture were most unusual. When hunging on the tree seems to say hello pointing down like showing us “the right path”.

This unusual leaf is the symbol of our identity because we want our brand to be “Art in its most pure essence” with history and authentic identity.

A WAY that comes and goes

The way shape us

Árbol del bohdi - Quiénes somos | Iro Iro art

Once upon a time there was a way of knowledge, respect and cultural dialogue that brought IROIRO to became IROIRO art .

We started with manufacture jewelry collections adding fashion and home decor to our catalogue. As a natural evolution we set up our physical shop in Toledo (Spain) and in 2014 one step further joint us to art, reinforcing our cultural purpose. 

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