Suitcase cover “Starry night”


“Starry night” is the masterpiece by post impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. It shows the view at night from the window in his room at St Remy de Provence hospital where he spent his last days. The piece was painted during the day, by memory. Painted in 1889, months before his death.
From 1941 it is a part of the permanent collection of the Modern Art museum of New York.
Considered Van Gogh “Magnum opus” this painting has been reproduced numerous times. It was painted using oil and thin brushes.

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-Our suitcase covers have been designed in polyester and elastane fabric. They are adjusted with two Velcro strips located at the bottom of the suitcase. With two small openings for the handles on the sides and one upper.

-They have been designed for security, protection and easy identification of your luggage.

-Easy maintenance, can be washed in a washing machine

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